Daily Warm-Up
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plot and setting
subject and predicate
be verbs
do verbs

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Look in last weeks notes

1.What is the building of excitement in a story?

2. What is the climax of a story?

3. What is the part after the climax?

Journal Prompt:


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Nov 29

What is the time and place?
What is a problem in a story?
What is the most exciting part of a plot?
---------------Nov 28

  1. 1. What are the three basic parts of a story?
  2. 2. What is the setting of a story?
  3. 3. Who are the people in a story?

------------------Nov. 15CSRQ1 What is a synonym for nobody?
TB pg 52
2What means to form mental images or pictures in you mind?
TB pg 53
3What are three ways everyone is unique?
TB pg 56-61

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Journal Prompt:

work for success.gif
November 14
1. What is the order thing or events follow? TB pg 62
2. What is a person who studies how things work? TB pg 643. Who is the Aphgan girl? TB pg 66

aphgan girl.jpg
Journal Prompt: gifpal-20171114095338.gif

Describe the Aphgan girl's eyes. How do they make you feel? What do you see in her eyes?

Nov 9
1.How many different ways are eyes unique? pg 59
2. What has all your unique pattern information for your body? pg 60

3. How many ways is your DNA unique?
pg 61
November 7


1. What are the names of two ships Columbus sailed to America? (We saw copies them last week.)
2. What are the line patterns on your fingers?pg 57

3.What are two parts of the eye? pg 59

Journal Prompt:

Columbus sailed across the ocean in three ships. We toured two of them last week.
nina and pinta in LR.jpg

Write about what you saw and how you felt.

November 1CSRQ
1.What is the setting of "Trust Ties"?

2. What is foreshadowing?

3. What actions of the protagonist foreshadowed the ending?

Journal Prompt: Sybil had rules. Write a paragraph about the rules. Which rule did she break and how did it lead to the ending?

Trust Ties.jpgOctober 30

1. What is your body's unique information?

2. What is a design that repeats itself? pg 52

3.What is a thought or plan? pg 52

powerful.jpgJournal Prompt: Being Powerful is in my DNA


1. What is to become bigger over time? pg 32
2. What is the place where you live? pg 32
3.What is an adjective for things that are almost the same? pg 52

Journal Prompt:
life is short with drugs.jpg
Life is short with drugs.


October 24CSRQ1.What is the contraction for "are not"?see textbook pg 322.What is the opposite of easy?3. What is the opposite of stay?
Journal Prompt:
Say No To Drugs Slogan.jpg
Life doesn't rewind. Say NO to drugs.


October 23
Look on lesson 6 in the GRAMMAR and WRITING soft book.

1.Every sentence must have a n--- and a v---.
2. The two parts of a sentence are the s------ and the p--------.
3. What kind of word is the subject? 4.What is a noun?
-----------------------------------------October 19Journal Prompt:
Write about your day at the fair. Tell me three rides you rode, three things you ate or drank, three things you saw and two people you spent the day with at the fair.

October 17
CSRQDon't copy the questions! Change them to an answer statement.
Use vocabulary words on page 10.
1.What is the opposite of "no one"?
2.What is the opposite of common?3. What is the opposite of enemy?4. Who is the Dalai Lama?
Journal Prompt:

"I defeat my enemieswhen I make them my friends."-Dalai Lama I-defeat-my-enemies-when-I-make-them-my.jpg

September 28
CSRQDon't copy the questions!Change them to an answer statement.
1.Who are the characters in "Growing Together"?
2.What is the setting of "Growing Together"?3.What is the conflict/problem in "Growing Together"?

miss the sun.jpg
miss the sun.jpg

Journal Prompt:"You only miss the sun when it starts to snow,"
September 27
1.What are the two things a sentence must have?
2.What punctuation is at the end of a sentence?
3.What are three forms of be?

Journal Prompt:"You have to be unique and different and shine in your own way." Lady Gaga
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Image result for unique quote

September 26 CSRQ
1.What are breezes?
2.What is a nod?
3.What is a branch?


Writing Prompt:
Sept 20

1. What is a two line stanza of poetry?
2.Who is Langston Hughes?3. What is the title of the poem describing African Americans?
Writing Prompt:September 19langston hughes i_too.jpg
Sept 19

CSRQ1. What is the opposite of easy?2.What is the opposite of ugly?3. Who wrote "Growing Together"?
Writing Prompt:True love isn't Romeo and Juliet who died together, It's Grandma and Grandpa who grew old together.Copy of growing together.jpg

September 18
1. What kind of fruit grows in Cuba?

2.What kind of flowering tree grows in the south?
3. What is the opposite of stay? pg 32
Writing Prompt: Friendship is growing together.

September 11
1. Who is the author of "Growing Together"?
2. What is the problem in the story?
3. What is the solution?
Writing Prompt:What happened on September 11, 2001?9/11

September 7
1. What is putting a small twig from a tree into another tree to grow?
2. Where is Cuba?
3. What kind of tree grows in Georgia?

Writing Prompt: "What do you miss?"when-you-look-into-the-past-what-do-you-miss-the-most-quote-1.jpg

September 6
CSRQ1. What is the opposite of apart?
2. Where was Carmen Argra Deedy born?
3. What kind of tree did Carmita miss?
Writing Prompt:
"The child of a snakesnake.jpg is also a snake."snake 2.jpg-African Proverb

September 5
1. What is the past tense of "be"?
2. What word is the opposite of "same"?

1. Who wrote Romeo and Juliet? pg 21
2.What word means "same"?
Writing Prompt: none

August 31
1. What is the reading strategy when you try see pictures go the story in your mind?
2.Whose name meant "born on Friday"?
3. Whose name is the same as the Hindu god of the sun?
Writing Prompt: You are special! Write a paragraph about yourself. Give at least 3 details.

August 30
1. What kind of storm is flooding Texas and Lousiana? (hint: starts with "H")
2.What is the name of the storm? (hint: also starts with "H")
3. What other storm like this one hit New Orleans 12 years ago? (hint: starts with "K")
Writing Prompt: None

August 29
1. What is the word for something that is different than all the others?
2.Who is a person you like?
3. What is the word for what a thing is called?