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plot and setting

kinds of sentences

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Look in last weeks notes

1.What is the building of excitement in a story?

2. What is the climax of a story?

3. What is the part after the climax?

Journal Prompt:


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1.What is the time and place?
2.What is a problem in a story?
3.What is the most exciting part of a plot?
Nov 28

  1. 1. What are the three basic parts of a story?
  2. 2. What is the setting of a story?
  3. 3. Who are the people in a story?

  4. Nov. 15
1 . What is a synonym for permission?
TB pg 28
2. What is a synonym for physical response?
TB pg 28
3. What means “butting heads”?
TB pg 32

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Journal Prompt:
work for success.gif
November 141. What is the way people of a region actually talk? TB pg 482. What means the dialectic phrase "hard headed"? use a word from TB pg 28
3. What does "high waters" mean? TB pg 44

Journal Prompt: Describe this photo. What is the name of the bridge? What is the name of the two towers in the background? What is the date of that event?

--------------------- Nov 91. Who is John Lequizamo?2. What is his career?3. Who gave him good advice?
_November 7CSRQ

1. What are the names of two ships Columbus sailed to America? (We saw copies them last week.)

2. What are two ways to clarify ideas when reading? pg 423. What does the prefix "mis" mean?

Journal Prompt:

nina and pinta in LR.jpg

Columbus sailed across the ocean in three ships. We toured two of them last week. Write about what you saw and how you felt.

November 1CSRQ

1. What is foreshadowing?

2. What actions of the protagonist in 'True Ties" foreshadowed the ending?

3. What is irony?

4. What is the irony is this story?

Trust Ties.jpg
Trust Ties.jpg

Journal Prompt:
Sybil had rules. Write a paragraph about the rules. Which rule did she break and how did it lead to the ending? 25

1. What is to respond to something that happens? pg 282. What kind of sentence gives an order? your notes3. Who wrote "Building Bridges"? pg 30-31

Journal Prompt:
life is short with drugs.jpg
life is short with drugs.jpg

Life is short with drugs.

---------------------October 24

see text book page 28
1.Who is a person whose career is to make people laugh?
2. Who is a person whose job is to create plans to build things like bridges or buildings?
3.What is the word for the conversations or talking that uses quotation marks when presented in a story or text?

Journal Prompt:

Say No To Drugs Slogan.jpg
Say No To Drugs Slogan.jpg
Life doesn't rewind. Say NO to drugs.October 23
CSRQ1.Every sentence must have a n--- and a v---.2. The two parts of a sentence are the s------ and the p--------.
Look on lesson 5 in the GRAMMAR and WRITING soft book.3.What is the most important word in the subject?4. What is the most important word in the predicate?
-------------------------------------------------------October 19Journal Prompt:

Write about your day at the fair. Tell me three rides you rode, three things you ate or drank, three things you saw and two people you spent the day with at the fair.

October 17

CSRQ1.What does description mean?2.What is dialogue ?
3. What stops or makes it difficult to do somthing?

Pg 28
Journal Prompt:

September 28CSRQ1. What is a prong?2. What is disbelief?3. What is the opposite of mistaken?

Journal Prompt:"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."-Helen Keller .........................Who is Hellen Keller?

1. What is a prefix?
2.What does the prefix "dis" mean?3.What is a word that has "dis" as a prefix?
bridge the gap.pngJournal Prompt: Your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between where you are and the goal you intend to reach."
Earl Nightingale

September 26CSRQ1. What is blind rage?2.What is sidetrack?3.What is the climax of a story? pg 24Writing Prompt:Experiment.JPG
September 25CSRQ1. The events in a story are called the p.2. The main character in a story is called the p.3. The conflict in a story can be called the p_.
isaacnewton bridges.jpg
Writing Prompt:

September 20CSRQ1. Who inspired Martin Luther King Jr. to use non-violent protest for civil rights?2. What country was that man from?3. Who were being oppressed in that country?ghandi no body can hurt me.jpgWriting Prompt:"No body can hurt me without my permission."-Mahatma Ghandi

Sept 19CSRQ1. What is a belief?2. What are the three basic parts of a story plot?3.What do most plots have? (Text pg 6)Writing Prompt: "Non-violence and truth are inseparable and presuppose one another."-GhandiWho is Ghandi? What does inseparable and presuppose mean?quote-non-violence-and-truth-are-inseparable.jpg

September 18CSRQ1. Who is the protagonist in "The Experiment"?2. How did the man try to escape?answer CSRQ - How Questions3. What was the way out of the cell
Writing Prompt:
Look at the image below. Write about what you think is the message of the image.

September 11CSRQ1. Who is the protagonist in "The Experiment"?2.What is the problem?3. What prevented the man from finding the way out?Writing Prompt:What happened on September 11, 2001?

September 7CSRQ1. What are the four kinds of sentence?
2.Which kind of sentence gives information?
3. Which kind of sentence asks for information?
prisoner.jpgWriting Prompt: "Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner."
-Lao Tzu

September 6CSRQ1. What is the opposite of right?2.What is the opposite of failure?3. What is the setting of "The Experiment"?
Writing Prompt: "We are captives of our own identities living in prison of our own creations."-Prison Break

September 5CSRQ1. What is the opposite of capture?2.Who is the opposite of failure?3. Who was the great escape artist talked about on page 10?Writing Prompt:"A belief which leaves no place for doubt is not a belief, it is a superstition."-Jose Bergamin

September 1CSRQ1. What is a setting of a story?2.Who are the people in a story?
3. What is the name of a story?
Writing Prompt: none

August 30
1. What is an example of a superstition?
2.What animal did people believe predicted death?
3. What culture believed that triangles were sacred?

August 29
1. What is another word for bad luck?2.What is the word for an idea you think is true?
3.What is a belief in something that is not true?