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plot and setting
dynamic/static characters



Look in last weeks notes

1.What is the building of excitement in a story?

2. What is the climax of a story?

3. What is the part after the climax?

Journal Prompt:

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1.What is the time and place?

2.What is a problem in a story?

3.What is the most exciting part of a plot?
-----Nov 28
  1. 1. What are the three basic parts of a story?
  2. 2. What is the setting of a story?
  3. 3. Who are the people in a story?

Nov. 15


1 . What means having a great desire to suceed?
TB pg 36
2. What means harsh, unpleasant, and patternless?
TB pg 36
3. What is a synonym for willful?
TB pg 36

Journal Prompt:be of value.jpg
work for success.gif

Nov 14
1.What is the opposite of praise ?
TB pg 36
2.What is the opposite of impossible? TB pg 36
3.What means to complain? TB pg 45

people-who-feel-the-need-to-control-others.pngJournal Prompt:contro others.gif

Nov 91.What instrument did the protagonist play? 2.Who is Shirley Temple?3. Who is Ed Sullivan?
----------Nov 7CSRQ1. What means cannot be prevented? pg36
2. What are two ways to clarify ideas? pg37

3. What are the names of two ships that Columbus sailed to America? (We saw them last week.)

Journal Prompt:Columbus sailed across the ocean in three ships. We toured two of them last week.nina and pinta in LR.jpg
Write about what you saw and how you felt.

nov 1

1.What is foreshadowing?

2. What actions of the protagonist in "True Ties" foreshadowed the ending?

3.What is irony?

4. What is the irony is this story?

Journal Prompt:
Sybil had rules. Write a paragraph about the rules. Which rule did she break and how did it lead to the ending?
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October 30

1.What does the mother want her daughter to do?
2.What does the daughter do?

3.How did the mother feel?

Journal Prompt: Do you agree with the mother's view. Can she be a good daughter and still do what she wants with her life. Must you follow what your parents plan for your future?

October 25

1.What kind of sentence is interrogative? your notes
2.What kind of sentence is imperative? your notes

3.Who is Amy Tan? pg 38

Journal Prompt:

life is short with drugs.jpg
life is short with drugs.jpg

Life is short with drugs.

--------------------------------------------------1. The two parts of a sentence are the s---- and the p---.
2.What is the most important word in the subject?3. What is the most important word in the predicate?

Journal Prompt:
Say No To Drugs Slogan.jpg

Life doesn't rewind. Say NO to drugs.

-----------------------------------------------------October 19
Journal Prompt:

Write about your day at the fair.
Tell me three rides you rode, three things you ate or drank, three things you saw and two people you spent the day with at the fair.

September 28
1.What is a caress?
2. What is glinting?
3. What is the opposite of obscure?
(use a vocabulary word, pg8)
Journal Prompt:the-past-is-certain-the-future-obscure-quote-1.jpg
"The past is certain, the future is obscure."
-Thales..........Who is Thales?

September 27
1.What is a conflict?
2. What are the two primary kinds of conflict?
3. What kind of conflict did Mike have? conflict know-feel.jpgJournal Prompt:
internal-conflict.jpg"Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel."

September 26
1.What is a postponement?
2. What does "par for the course" mean?
3. What is tentative?

Writing Prompt:regret-quotes-about-life.jpg

September 25
1. The events in a story are called the p_.
2. The main character in a story is called the p.
3. The conflict in a story can be called the p. Writing Prompt:none

September 18
Writing Prompt:

"Non-violence and truth are inseparable and presuppose one another."
Who is Ghandi? What does inseparable and presuppose mean?

September 18
1. Who does his Grandmother misktake Mike to be?

2.What is a guilt complex?
3.What does Mike decide to do with his moustache?
answer CSRQ - What does Writing Prompt: "True live isn't Romeo and Juliet who died together. It's Grandma and Grandpa who grew old together." -Unknown
grow old.png

September 111.

Who is the protagonist of "The Mustache"?
2. What is the conflict in the story?
3. Why did he shave off his mustache?
Writing Prompt:What happened on September 11, 2001? 9/11

September 71. What is the opposite happy and strong?2. What kind of character stays the same as the story progresses?
3. What kind of conflict is man vs man Writing Prompt: "Some people try very hard to impress others but in the bargain lose their own identity"

sept 61. What is the opposite of unconscious? 2. What kind of character changes as the story progresses? 3. What kind of conflict is man vs himself? Writing Prompt:"You can't control the circumstances, but you can control your perception."perception6.pngperception3.jpg

September 1. What are the two primary kinds of conflict? 2. Who is the main character or hero of a story? 3. Who causes the conflict? Writing Prompt:"There is no truth, only perception"-Gustave Fllaubert
no truth.jpg

September 1
1. What is the struggle or problem of a story?
2. What is a word for viewpoint?
Writing Prompt: none

August 31
CSRQ1. What is the word pitiful?
2. What is a word for viewpoint?
3. What is a word for pretending?
Writing Prompt:"She knows who she is because she knows who she isn't"-Nikki Giovanni

August 30
1. What is the word for strength?
2. What is a word for conscious?
3. What is a word for not clear?

The Moustache