Daily Warm-Up

Daily Warm Up - ELA Drama

Be familiar with the Concept of Drama, as prescribed by Aristotle.

March 27
NEWSELA assignments:

1. Who is Sophocles?
2.What famous tragedy did he write?3. When was it written?

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Journal Prompt:
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March 7
NEWSELA assignments: Be sure you have completed all four articles, made annotations and taken the quiz.


1. Who is a good person whose "fatal flaw" causes his downfall?

2.Who might be the protagonist (hero) in a Greek Comedy?

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Journal Prompt:

Below is a WOMAN thinker the articles did not mention!!! Read the short bio and respond to her quote in the greenish poster below.


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March 2
Newsela assignments: Be sure you have completed all four articles, made annotations and taken the quiz.

Journal Prompt:
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Feb 28
1. What is a politically based comedy?
2.What is a word that means not as good as another?
3.What means still in existence, not lost to the world, or extinct?

Feb 23Newsela assignment: Primary Sources: Plato, Socrates and the Story of the Cave
1. What is an idea that is implied but not said straight out?
2.What are societal accepted behaviors ?
3.What describes statements that may be only rumors or even lies?
Journal Prompt:

Feb 21

Newsela assignment: Primary Sources: Aristophanes Explains the Search for Love to Plato

1. What kind of story is a series of events or routines that are loosely connected without a strong cause/effect relationship?
2.What is the state that comedy deliberately incorporates?
3.What is generally the aim of comedy?
Journal Prompt:Quotefancy-4554-3840x2160.jpg

Feb 16
Turn in your journals.

1. According to Aristotle, what does comedy copy?
2.According to Aristotle, who should be allowed to attend comedy performances?
3.What kind of ending is necessary for comedy?
4. What are the three kinds of comedy listed?
Journal Prompt:
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Feb 14
Turn in your journals.
1. What is the Greek word usually translated as "fatal flaw"?
2. What is the Greek word for excessive pride that leads to fall?
3.What makes "a certain magnitude"?
4. What is the group of people who perform the "songs" in a Greek play?
Journal Prompt:

Feb 7
CSRQ1. What is when the protagonist in a tragedy loses his ignorance?2. What is the event in the plot that starts the cause-effect chain of events?3.What is when a character sets of an effect that is the opposite of what was meant to happen?4. What is the idea that souls are divided into male and female at birth?
Journal Prompt:

Feb 2
1.Who was Aristotle's teacher?
2.Who was Aristotle's student ?
3.How old was Aristotle when he died?
4.What is a "reversal of fortune" where
a character loses everything?

Journal Prompt:Aristotle quote 5.jpg
Jan 31

1.What is the most important part of a tragedy according to Aristotle?
2. ___ is what Aristotle calls the change from ignorance to knowledge?
3.What are the three unities a Greek tragedy must have, according to Aristotle?

Journal Prompt:
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Jan 25
1. What reflects a chain of events where people can see themselves?
2. Should tragedy be dramatic or narrative?
3.Who looks at ideas and tries to explain reality?
Journal Prompt:


Jan 24
According to Aristotle:

1.What are the two kinds of plots ?

2.What kind of character is required in a tragedy to be the "tragic hero" ?

3. What should the audience feel when watching a tragedy?

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Jan 17external image 48f15ff7949996f4e65454b4b129fa29.jpg CSRQ
1.What is "higher" than history according to Aristotle?

2.What is an imitation of action that is serious and also has great magnitude?

3. What can be either simple or comple

Jan 16