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Diagramming Sentences
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Diagramming Sentences
Diagramming Sentences

Parse a sentence.
Predicate Noundiagram predicate nominative.gif
1) My mom was the class president.
2) Luke and Russ are brothers.
3) Shannon is a dancer.
4) George Washington was the first president.
5) Boats are my favorite!
6) Trisha and Mandy were roommates at camp.
7) My dog is a Labrador.

diagram predicate adj.jpg
  1. Children grow older every day.
  2. The baby remains happy during her bath.
  3. Her lasagna smells scrumptious.
  4. Andy’s sports car is Italian.
  5. Bosses can be demanding.
  6. His horses appear well-groomed.
  7. Mount Rushmore looks amazing.