Dead Poets Society - Setting

Use CSRQ to answer these questions about 1959.

  1. How many states were in the United States in 1958?
  2. What two states jointed the United States in 1959?
  3. How many states have be in the US since 1960?
  4. Who was the famous dictator that came into power in 1959?
  5. What was the country? Where is that country?
  6. What was the famous doll that came out in 1959?
  7. What were three TV shows from l159?
  8. In 1957, what did the Russians put into space?
  9. In 1958, what did the US do in the Space Race?
  10. Who was the leader of Tibet that was force to flee his country because of Chinese invaders in l159?
  11. Who was the president in 1959?
  12. Who was the vice-president in 1959?
  13. How much did these things cost in 1959? house, car, gasoline, movie ticket
  14. Who was the famous leader for Peace that Martin Luther King went to visit in 1959?
  15. What happened in Little Rock schools that gained worldwide attention in 1959?
  16. Who won these in 1959?
  17. World Series, NBA championship, Stanley Cup, Wimbledon, Kentucky Derby, NCAA Basket Ball Championship, NCAA Football Championship
  18. What movie won the Academy Award for best picture?
  19. What famous books were written by these famous people? D. H. Lawrence, James Michener, Boris Pasternak.